October 20, 2023

Partner Profile: Gretchen Fleck, FHG Director of Operations & Wine

Meet Gretchen Fleck, an aspiring cork dork who harbors a passion for delivering exceptional service imbued with unique charm. Possessing a distinctive academic background, she earned a dual degree in Anthropology and Art History with a minor in religious studies. Coupled with substantial experience in the hospitality industry, Gretchen's journey metaphorically traversed the globe, exploring diverse cultures, art, and history.

Partner Profile:  Gretchen Fleck, FHG Director of  Operations & Wine
Gretchen Fleck, FHG Partner and Director of  Operations & Wine

Gretchen sees wine as a unique medium capable of articulating a time, a place, and a feeling—a vessel that transports enthusiasts on a global journey within the confines of a glass. Her love for art and history is evident as she immerses herself in narratives of distant lands, embracing customs and cultures that span the annals of time.

Driven by a pivotal experience in a Celtic archaeology class, Gretchen delves into the profound history of wine. She finds astonishment in discovering containers of wine and mead in ancient funerary burials, recognizing the enduring significance attributed to alcoholic beverages even thousands of years ago.

With a career deeply rooted in hospitality and a heart intertwined with obscure offshoots of art history, Gretchen draws from her Wisconsin upbringing, valuing the authenticity of genuine hospitality that makes individuals feel at home, even in unfamiliar surroundings. Having engaged in various roles, from front-of-house service, sales, and catering to revenue management, she brings a rich tapestry of experiences to her journey.

Gretchen's perspective on hospitality is unique—every interaction is a source of joy and connection. Her personal connections, forged while sharing her passion for the world of wine, form the essence of Foxes. In the midst of the pandemic, she discovered an unexplored yearning in her palate for the world of wine. Embarking on a rewarding journey, she aims to become a true wine connoisseur, delving into the complexities of varietals, terroirs, and tasting notes.

For Gretchen, wine is more than a beverage; it tells a robust and intricate story. Her aspirations include deepening her knowledge, pursuing certifications, and refining her palate to appreciate the nuances and stories behind each uncorked bottle. Beyond the certifications and experiences, what brings her joy is the ability to share her enthusiasm for something seemingly innocuous with those around her.

Ultimately, it's not about the wine, certifications, or experiences for Gretchen. Her joy and passion stem from fostering community, learning about others, and discovering what brings them joy. The privilege of meeting new people, creating lasting memories, and providing a safe space for authenticity gives her purpose. Foxes and FHG serve as the tangible roadmap for Gretchen to share herself, express her excitement about the world and wine, and convey what life means to her within the community.

B. Sly Foxington - Staff Writer

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