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Mod Vaude Presents

Love, Drunk & Broken

Embark on a tantalizing odyssey through the enchanting realms of love, where you'll find yourself blissfully love-drunk on the captivating elixir of affection! Secure your seats as our otherworldly performers reveal the desires of love and passion, transcending the boundaries of the ordinary. But hold on, for woven into this fantastical love story is a cheeky twist of heartbreak—a gentle reminder that love's journey isn't always a smooth ride in the realm of dreams. So, mark the date on your calendar with the grandest, sparkliest heart you can find. Rally your crew, and prepare for a night of "Love-Drunk & Broken." It's more than a show; it's a refined roller coaster journey through the wild and wonderful world of love, where joy and pain gracefully tango together ! 21+ Event