October 20, 2023

Ce N'est Pas Un Bar

In the heart of Steamboat Springs, we're building a place that's reimagining nightlife. Foxes is not your average bar; it intends to be a creative endeavor, a haven for artistic expression, and a vibrant community hub. While libations are at the core of our offerings, we aim to provide something more profound than just a night out. Let us take you on a journey into the story of Foxes, where opportunity, passion, and innovative design converge to redefine the Steamboat Springs nightlife scene.

Ce N'est Pas Un Bar

Filling a Gap

Steamboat Springs, known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities, is also known to be lacking as a year-round nightlife destination. Just ask around or reference one of the surveys from the past few years. Dive bars and restaurant bars are plenty, but there was a need for a place that offers a fresh atmosphere. That's where Foxes came in.

We envisioned Foxes as an answer to this void, offering an experiential cocktail lounge and wine bar that bridges the gap between the traditional and the contemporary. It's a place where diverse groups can gather, where patrons can explore new concepts, and where seasonal employees, long-time locals, a fresh generation of visiting HENRYs, and vibrant retirees can all find something unique.

Foxes Steamboat

A Team with Dreams

Behind every innovative venture, there's a team driven by passion and a shared dream. Foxes is no exception. As founders, with our unique aspirations, we found common ground in creating this special space.

John was on a quest for a platform to express his creativity, become more involved in the community, and redefine local culture. Gretchen dreamed of owning a wine bar and was already a catalyst for community engagement. Alec had long held the vision of a speakeasy-style establishment. When we joined forces, we saw an incredible opportunity and embarked on this journey with enthusiasm.

The Yampa Valley Vixen's performing "Bi-lesque"

Thinking Outside the Box

Foxes set out to do things differently from the start. Instead of following the beaten path and catering to conventional expectations, we embraced a "no risk, no reward" approach. With the advantage of low operating costs due to our compact space and streamlined operations, we focused on creative freedom and authenticity.

Thorough research formed the foundation of Foxes' design. We delved into licensing, demographics, trends, real estate, and more to shape a product tailored to our audience—locals, retirees, seasonal employees, and visitors aged between mid-30s and over 60. Our home, a former mountain bike manufacturing garage, radiates character. While it may not flaunt luxury in the typical sense, it redefines luxury through a blend of high and low elements.

Chilean athlete Vicente Katz (@chileanmango) speaking about Steamboat at Fox Tales

A Universal Connection

Foxes' warm and inviting ambiance seamlessly blends contemporary and historical themes, creating an atmosphere that encourages patrons to linger, engage, connect, and chat about the intriguing surroundings. The disco era, which holds a special place in our hearts, resonates with both our target demographics—the vibrant retirees who danced their way through those times and the younger crowd in their thirties who appreciate the era's unique energy. It's more than just a design choice; it's a bridge that brings people together, making Foxes a place where everyone, including us, feels truly at home.

Our thoughtfully chosen flexible seating options ensure that Foxes remains adaptable for various types of occasions and conversations.

As for our wine and cocktail programs, they are a source of pride for us. We've put our creativity and passion into crafting narratives, drawing inspiration from history and contemporary trends, and designing experiences that spark conversations and introduce our guests to new ideas. With the upcoming V2 menu, we're excited to push the boundaries even further and continue to offer unique experiences to all who visit Foxes.

Cocktail Director, Alec Norton, explaining the honey cordial process

More Than a Bar

Foxes isn't merely a bar; it's a personal testament to the power of creativity, innovation, and community. For us, it's a space where our artistic passions find a home, where we gather with others to learn and engage, and where the ambiance comes alive with flavorful libations and stimulating conversations. Foxes represents not just a bar, but an ongoing project, and a community and welcoming space that we're thrilled to be a part of, and yes, a place that serves a fine drink. Foxes is just the beginning of our exciting journey, in Steamboat, and beyond.

XOXO, The Foxes

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